Apiarist’s shop in Kent




Come and visit our shop in Lidsing near Chatham


At Blue Bell Hill Apiaries, you can buy a range of honey, and beekeeping equipment at our apiarist’s shop in Kent. We supply other beekeepers in the region with the very best in modified national hives, equipment, and accessories. We are agents for Maisemore Apiaries but also sell our own brand equipment.

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 Where we're based

You can find our apiarist’s shop in Kent in Ivy Farm, Lidsing village, south of Hempstead and Gillingham, just before you reach the M2. If you are navigating by sat-nav, our postcode is ME7 3NL.

Our shop is open from 1.30pm to 4.30, Tuesday to Friday, and on Saturday from 10am until 1pm. Everyone is welcome.

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What we sell:




Starter kits, including:


  • National cedar hive
  • WBC hives
  • Frames and foundation
  • Varroa floors
  • Flat or gabled roofs
  • Hive stands
  • Queen excluders
  • And everything appertaining to be a successful beekeeper


Protective clothing



Variety of hive tools and accessories



Bee medication



Bee food

  • Ambrosia bee food
  • feeders


Commercial equipment

  • Extractors, straining
  • Jars 


Bee health

  • Medications