Welcome to Bluebell Hill Apiaries, serving bee enthusiasts everywhere 

We are a family business, consisting of Adrian, Tracey, and Jennie Meads, and we are passionate about bee-keeping and protecting bees! With over 25 years of experience in beekeeping, we are willing to pass on our knowledge to anyone interested to learn. We also sell beekeeping supplies in Kent, to apiarists and bee enthusiasts throughout the local area, along with equipment, foundation wax, and honey.

Visit our shop at Ivy Farm on Lidsing Road (ME7 3NL), or call us on 07709 510083.

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Wooden Bee Hives in Kent Shop

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Beekeeping supplies in Kent Find your beekeeping equipment here at Bluebell Hill Apiaries 

Whether you are an experienced apiarist, or a new starter, we have the beekeeping equipment for you. You can buy starter kits, protective clothing, smokers, hive frames and foundation, right here from our store. If you are looking for beekeeping supplies in Kent, Blue Bell Hill Apiaries should be your first port of call.

Check out our store for a full list of our supplies.

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Buy Honey Wholesale Here 

We supply local shops and outlets with our home-produced Kentish honey. You can buy our 227 gram jars of clear honey or creamed honey, and 340 gram squeezy bottles of clear honey. We’ve been selling our Kent honey for over 25 years.

Our shop is open from 1.30pm to 4.30, Tuesday to Friday, and on Saturday from 10am until 1pm, and you are always welcome!

We also sell beekeeping supplies in Kent to beekeepers across the region, making this fascinating hobby accessible to more and more people, and helping to protect bees and ensure their ongoing survival.










Beekeeping supplies in Kent Want to try beekeeping?

We're delighted to hear it! Beekeeping is highly enjoyable, and because bees are an integral part of pollination, their absence would have far-reaching negative consequences. That's why we want to encourage as many people to try it as we can.

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We have everything you need including:

  • Full starter kits
  • Modified national hives, complete with frames and foundation
  • Medicines and remedies
  • Extractors

We also stock a range of helpful books and other information. If you are interested in establishing your own beehive, we stock beekeeping supplies in Kent to enable you to get started. Contact us today or pop into our shop.

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Contact Blue Bell Hill Apiaries to enquire about any beekeeping supplies in Kent. 

 You can call 07709 510083, or 07840 341882

 Or email us at


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